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Surah An-Najm, Aayah: 39 Arabic

And that man can have nothing but what he does (good or bad).
(Al-Quran: Surah An-Najm, Aayah: 39)
Surah An-Najm, Aayah: 39 Urdu Translation



The Organization sought direction from the National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions, New Delhi (An Statutory Body) in the matter of petition No.876 of 2006 directing Govt. of Maharashtra to release grant-in-aid to the Minority Institutions.

The Govt. of Maharashtra did not execute the above said order. Hence, a petition has been filed before the Commission for execution of the order by the Govt. of Maharashtra which is pending since 2 years.

The Organization along with Mr. Rashid (Engineer) from Parbhani filed a writ Petition in the Hon. Bombay High Court, Bench at Aurngabad, in regard with the execution of the above said order.

The Central Govt. disbursed rupees 4 crore on 19/12/2001 to the Govt. of Maharashtra for the infrastructure and other facilities for the Minorities. But, the Education Dept. Govt. of Maharashtra misappropriated rupees 2.68 crores and kept rupees 1.32 crore with it till today. In this regard complaint is pending before the Central Govt. as well as before the National Commission for Educational Institutions, New Delhi.

Hundreds of deserved Muslim candidates belonging to O.B.C. caste are deprived from caste claim on whimsical and arbitrary grounds. Hence, a compliant has been lodged before the Revenue Dept., Govt. of Maharashtra, in which matter the enquiry is in progress.

The Organization made applications under the Right to Information Act, to most of the Dept. at District level for seeking information in regard with the implementation u/s 4 of the R.T.I. Act, 2005 and u/s 8 of the Maharashtra Govt. Servants Regulation of Transfers and Prevention of Delay in Discharge of Official Duties Act, 2005. As a result many of the Dept. became active and implemented the above said statutory provisions.

A Writ Petition had been filed before the Bombay High Court challenging a Govt. G.R. by an Organization in that matter also the Organization provided legal assistance freely and Al-Hamdulillah, that petition has been allowed.

A Writ Petition is pending before the Hon. Supreme Court in regard with availing facilities meant for the Scheduled Caste for Muslims also. The Organization gave legal support in regard with the petition.

A Muslim youth was expired in the Jail. The Organization gave legal support to the deceasedís 72 years old mother to knock the door of the State Human Right Commission and thereafter the Hon. Bombay High Court with the financial help of Jamiat-ul-Ulma-e-Maharashtra, Mumbai.

In Rajapure District Ratnagiri the Taluka Authority prevented to construct building for a mosque in contravention with the statutory provisions. At the request of Jamiatul Ulama-e-Marharashtra the Organization gave legal support to the trusties of the mosque.

The President of the Organization Wrote Articles for creating legal awareness amongst minorities which have been published in the Daily Urdu Times, Mumbai and Hundreds of Newspapers in India and Abroad through UNN, New Delhi.

At the invitation of Markaz-ul-Mareef, Assam ( the President of the Organization conducted workshops in regard with legal awareness amongst minorities at Gohati (Dispur), Hojai and other places of Assam.

An Arabi Madarsa of Ajmer (Rajasthan) organized a workshop in regard with legal awareness amongst Maulvis of Madarsas of Rajasthan where the President of the Organization delivered lecture in regard with the importance legal awareness amongst Maulvis.

Throughout Maha. the Organization provided full guidance in availing grant-in-aid through the Central Govt. under Area Intensive Scheme for Madarsa and Schools.

The Organization distributed throughout Maha. the copies of GR in regard with exemption of stamp duty for students. Hence, on the strength of the GR thousands of students could save Rs. 100/- each as Stamp Duty for availing Post Metric Scholarship and Merit-cum-Means Based Scholarship.

The Maulana Azad National Urdu University (Govt. of India) Hyderabad, Organized Training Camps for the headmasters of the Urdu Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools in Prabhani and Vikhroli (Mumbai) where the President of the Organization successfully made the headmasters understand the need of legal awareness.

Literature in regard with the Central and State Govt. Schemes, Yojna and Facilities meant for minorities have been provided free of charge throughout India.


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