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Surah Al-Hujraat, Aayah: 06 Arabic


O you believe if a rebellious evil person comes to you with a news, verify it, lest you harm people in ignorance and afterwards you become regretful to what you have done.
(Al-Quran: Surah Al-Hujraat, Aayah: 06)
Surah Al-Hujraat, Aayah: 06 Urdu Translation


(A) Fundamental Duties Of Citizens Of India
(C) Minority Schemes
(E) Senior Citizen / Handicapped
(G) Employment
(I) Yojna
(B) Scholarships and Loan
(D) Education
(F) Backward Class / Women & Children
(H) NGO Grant
(J) Act And Rules
The Education Department Govt. of Maharashtra circulated a G.R. dt. 18th Feb., 2005 referring fraudulently the Rulings of the Hon. Supreme Court and four previous G.Rís.

A circular of the Ex-Education Minister of the Govt. of Maharashtra dt. 2nd July, 2005, circulated an order in regard with Minorities in contravention to the Rulings of the Hon. Supreme Court.

There is another G.R. dt. 7th June 2000, which provides exceptional provisions for Minority Institutions, has not been implemented or executed by the competent authorities.

The Edu. Dept. of the Govt. of Maharashtra misappropriated funds received from the Central Govt. on 19th Dec. 2000, for providing infrastructure and other facilities to the Minority Institutions.

While granting recognition to the Primary Schools in Maha. to the Urdu and Marathi Medicine Schools, the Education Department acted in contravention with the provisions of article 14 of the Constitution of India.

Two Urdu Medium Schools running in Akola Dist. got recognition on grant-in-aid basis but, the Education Department initially snatched the facility of grant-in-aid without any reason.

An Urdu Medium Secondary School running in Ner Parsopant got recognition on permanent no grant condition in the year 1999-2000, remained on the same condition till now. On the contrary a Marathi Medium School running in Kolsa Tal. Sengaon initially got recognition on permanent no grant condition but, within 28 days the school was brought on grant-in-aid condition.

The Maha. State Minority Commission is not implementing or executing section 10 of the Act, which is the best weapon for redressing the grievances of the Minorities and safeguards the rights of the Minorities.

Thousands of legally deserved Muslim O.B.C. candidates are deprived from the caste claim on flimsy and whimsical grounds even in contravention with the Govt. Resolutions.

There is much more deficiency and lacuna in the provisions of National Minority Commission Act, 1992 in comparison with the other National Commissions.

The Articles 29, 30 (1) 350-A have no confirmed and concrete provisions as the provisions in the Articles 330 to 340 of the Constitutions of India meant for the Scheduled Caste, Schedule Tribes and Anglo Indians, have.

There are no provisions for the execution of the orders of the National Commission for Minorities Educational Institutions.


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